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My name is Tania and I love making music & listening to music. It is amazing-freeing and expressive, making connections with the world is vital, even with just a glance, i couldn't live without music, like good fucken music, the kind that moves you, opens your soul and sets you free, putting myself on paper-a glimpse of my mind, getting trapped in words, thoughts, ideas-taking them in and cultivating them into my life, seeing things from a different perspective, i could go on and on and on...I like to think/exist.

I’m in love with Mexican vegan food.

It’s 4AM and all I can think about is Mexican vegan food. I want some now. If you’re ever in San Francisco area and happen to be in the Mission, I suggest you stop and eat at this wonderful restaurant. Its located on 2211 Mission Street. Between 18th and 19th. My only recommendation is get there early as it gets really busy and you can be waiting for a table up to an hour and a half but it’s definitely worth the wait. (Not only is the food yummy, but also the dudes that eat there are yummy to look at)

Unlike most vegan restaurant this place isn’t a raw food dinner kinda place. As you enter the room you can smell fresh hand made tortillas cooking, and produce. It is a very comforting smell. Gracias Madre builds their lives around growing, providing and eating the highest quality, most delectable and nutrient rich organic foods.  The majority of their produce is grown at a local Organic, Biodynamic  Be Love Farm in Pleasants Valley, including the non-GMO varieties of heirloom corn they use to make their handmade tortillas and tamales. 

I went in Saturday and got three tacos. (Two butternut squash and one greens) It came with a side of black beans that was to die for. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. I think the black beans is what makes the meal. For dessert I split a fruit cobbler topped with almond milk ice cream. By the end of the night I wished I didn’t wear heels and a dress but instead some stretchy pants and my Toms.

Gracias Madre is definitely a place to dine with your friends. It makes being vegan fun. I also believe non vegan people will also enjoy this food. Gracias Madre is a perfect name for this restaurant since I am very thankful for our mother (Mother Nature) for providing us with such delicious treats that are great for the spirit and mind.

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